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video production studioLimeVideo – is comparatively young, but a very upswing video production studio in Russia with a headquarter in Moscow. The team of professionals: script writers, motion designers, VFX and 3D animation, operators, musicians and many other. We work with foreign companies located in Russia as well as with local companies.

Our bread and butter come from creativity. Our products are worth seeing. We do a ‘fruitful’ mix of  animation, motion design and camera shooting. Whenever our customers need corporate videos, video presentations with infographic or 3D animation, we do our best for it to look modern and trend. We believe that art can unite people and make them really happy, that’s why we eager to do any part work for cinema industry.

Our camera-control engineers in Moscow work very professionally and quickly. Whenever you need video shoot of your event, managers’ interview, educational video or any other corporate event, we will be glad to help you and support with the best team. In addition to the video our animation professionals will add magic to each and every project. It will look very stylish and modern. Our video designers will do their best in order to provide you with the best product on the market.

Our team is very mobile. We can come to your office in Moscow as well as other Russia regions to discuss the project in details. We can easily organize abroad video shooting together with travelling for the whole crew with the actors as well as for the representative of your company. If needed, we can organize a studio for the casting and video shooting.

Advantages of our video production studio in Moscow:

  • Most of us speak English, so we have no problems on making-of locations and during project coordination
  • Own equipment. New and with correct settings. Always in stock that guarantee no force majeure
  • Wealth of experience and expertise. A score of our successful projects are self-explanatory
  • Narration is done by native speakers
  • Projects are always done in time
  • Frequent customers have stable discounts
  • Personal project manager support is free of payment
  • Customer oriented approach and high level of service

Our clients choose us for the continuous cooperation. We can sign long term agreement and provide special discounts for our customers. 

We offer a very simple and easy way of cooperation. Main steps for you to get the best video on the market:

  • Download and fill in our brief. Send it to us
  • We will provide you with various creative ideas with different ways of realization
  • We agree on a scenario
  • We do a full production cycle
  • You get a high quality video

Most of our projects are shown worldwide. They contain and show high level of expertise. Simply saying, but there is no need to blow  our own trumpet as everyone have his own opinion. Our customers come from different spheres such as banking, insurance, real estate, O&G, FMCG, manufactory and many other. We do not differentiate upon the cheque. Each customer, either it is a small enterprise, entrepreneur or a worldwide transnational corporation we treat as a VIP. The most important thing for us is our customers to be satisfied with our work. Every time we try to overcome our customers’ expectations. Customer oriented approach and high level of service are the only things that work best on the competitive market. Check the feedback from our customers (available on the website) and make your choice.


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Тел.: +7 (499) 398-24-29
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LimeVideo — продакшн-студия и видеостудия полного цикла.

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